The controversy in this game is the referee Mark Letestu Jersey, the first section of the referee frequent whistle, gave the Cavaliers up to 22 free throws, the Warriors more than a core player into a foul trouble, the whole game referee whistling scale, wrong and missed sentence was a lot Criticism Cody Goloubef Jersey, the name Bill - Simmons that this is the league's shame. The former rocket star Tracy McGrady has a saying: "I can be sure that James will not leave the knight, he is Cleveland's belief, but also the city's hero. James is very fancy their own history Fame, so he will not choose to leave the knight.It is true that year to abandon the Cavaliers to the Heat and Wade, Bosh composed of the Big Three, has let James bear the infamy and finally returned to Cleveland to rely on a championship wash Rene Bourque Jersey, If you choose to leave, it is really out of their own situation. Before the start of the game, Wang Shipeng predicted that the Cavaliers want to copy the play that is very difficult Michael Chaput Jersey, "Today is still more difficult, there are many opportunities to play, the Warriors defensive place to do, and many of the knights are wore a defender, In the first four games, any party to seize the start, and finally will win, with the game, there will be anxious and mistakes will be knights, warriors to start a good start, do a good job, the warriors have Chance to get the championship.