Pete from France, in the 2016 NBA Draft on the second round of the 53rd pick by the Nuggets picked, less than Zhou Qi ten. At the end of the game when the two sides shook hands, the French big with Zhou Qi said: "buddies you can not ah!" Zhou Qi did not understand the French bread flavor of English Chris Chelios Jersey, nodded and walked. When David Griffin did not reach a renewal with the Cavaliers, Lu said, "He gave me the job and you knew it was great for me chicago blackhawks patrick kane jersey." David Griffin at the end of last season. Knight boss Gilbert had a number of meetings, he also expressed interest in other team general manager positions in the knight as general manager of his annual salary of less than 2 million US dollars, and limited operating space, the boss often In which he needs to take on great pressure Brandon Mashinter Jersey. Finally, the boss Gilbert is not willing to pay he renewed, they are also in the team lineup operation also differences, Griffin that the team only need minor repairs, the boss Gilbert is that the team needs big deal, the final They did not reach a renewal agreement. Ding Yan Yu in the Orlando summer league is the Mavericks focus on the exercise of the players, he played in the starting case of the situation is getting better and better, especially in the final victory over the Pistons game, Ding Yan Yu Hang not only get 13 points, but also overtime 30 seconds before the end of the game to send victory assists blackhawks jersey womens. After the Orlando summer league exercise, people Ding Yan Yu in Las Vegas summer league performance is more looking forward to.