A basketball history book, what can have a few Jordan it? Because of Jordan's career resume as a myth Joonas Korpisalo Jersey, people call him "the god of basketball." Other those who do not like the genius, in order to get the championship, each have their own hardship, each have the number of robbery. Who does not want to be pleasing? Who is willing to bear the infamy? But in order to more ambitious goals, after weighing the pros and cons, there are some genius can only choose the line of things, it is also a brave and play Sean Collins Jersey. Out of this step Corey Tropp Jersey, it has automatically lost "Chengren" qualifications, if not successful, it can only recognize the teeth (think of that year to join the Lakers old Malone). The door opened, the media slowly influx Scott Harrington Jersey. It is almost the media before the most long time. This is not a large locker room, has been occupied by the players all. They did not because the media came and want to stop their own joy. Everything is still going on. At the foot of the carpet has been all Qin Zhen, both sides of the locker room closet has long been covered with plastic film. The players have been a wet one by one clothes, the staff of a bottle of champagne to the other side of the irrigation, almost wandering into the river of alcohol. And the media because of the large number of people, unable to move. With a waterproof glasses library suddenly jumped to the body of Green, the two hugged. Durant happy in the next happy. And Durant's mother is hiding in the corner, kept tears.